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Personal Life Changes

I tend to be a personally private person, which doesn't go well with trying to spread a business or an idea. There has been quite sometime since my last post, which is due to a few reasons.

My family has had a few changes recently. Some illness, a birth of a baby boy, a surgery, then more sickness.

I will be returning to write more often as things are returning to normal.

Professionally, I have recently joined a Catalyst Group focusing on physical therapy and mental health which I am excited to write about soon. The group and their mission is to help better understand and treat mental health through exercise and limited "talk" sessions with physical therapists. They are attempting to promote a more psychologically informed PT, which I hope to share. The idea of this group is to further promote a holistic treatment position and to never separate the mind from the body. I am thrilled to be a part of it.

Looking forward to sharing,


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