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Are you making the right choice? Tips for choosing a high quality health care provider

After years of being a clinician, patient, and colleague in the medical field, I have heard some concerning stories about health care in general. When looking for a provider, the search generally starts after there is pain or illness, resulting in a difficult and rushed decision. Below is a good start to finding a quality provider to help ease the stress.

When selecting a quality medical provider, there are several important traits to look for:

1. Qualifications and Experience:

Check for the medical provider's qualifications, including their medical degree, board certification, and any specialized training. Consider the medical provider's experience in the specific area of healthcare you need, as well as their overall experience in the field. Experience and training in physical therapy is not understood well by patients. Physical therapists are trained to be "generalist," but I would strongly encourage clients to search out expertise that relates to their issue specifically. For example, you may have a suspicious spot on your skin, you can get treatment from a primary care provider, but it would likely be more advantageous to visit a dermatologist. Similar to physical therapy, you may be experiencing long term low back pain, a general PT may be able to help, but it is more beneficial to find a pain specialist.

2. Communication skills:

Look for a medical provider who communicates effectively, listens attentively, and shows empathy towards your concerns.

3. Patient-centered care:

Seek a provider who focuses on patient-centered care, taking into account your preferences, values, and individual needs. Too many times I hear about "mill" physical therapy clinics where patients are being treated in a large room with many other clients. This cannot be patient-centered care. "Patient-centered care" are often marketing buzz words that hold little value within the clinic. For most folks this is not an acceptable way to be treated, but, many haven't experienced what high quality, patient-centered care is.

4. Empathy and Compassion:

A compassionate medical provider should be able to empathize with their patients, understanding their emotional and physical challenges. This is especially true when dealing with something like mental health and pain. Outside of expertise, understanding and compassion may be the biggest factor in a postive outcome in your care.

5. Good reputation:

Research the medical provider's reputation by reading patient reviews, seeking recommendations, and checking their track record of patient satisfaction. Word of mouth is a strong and wonderful way to spread the word about a quality provider. It can also protect you from a less than desirable decision.

6. Clear explanations:

Look for a provider who can explain medical conditions, treatments, and procedures in a clear and understandable manner. This should be to YOUR benefit. Don't forget, it's your body, your money, and your health, ask as many questions as you can.

By considering these traits, you can select a quality medical provider who meets your healthcare needs and provides the highest level of care. Liberation Physical Therapy strives for compassion, expertise, empathy, and patient-centered care for every single client. This is why we emphasize only one-on-one care for 60 minutes if needed.

I hope this post changes your expectations for what a quality healthcare provider should be.


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